Legitimate Work at Home Opportunity Part 3


This is another in the series of legitimate work at home opportunities. This one involves you sellingLegitimate work home opportunities an ability, or knowledge that you possess. There is nobody to recruit unlike in all network marketing opportunities and nothing to purchase. You really can start off with no money in your pocket. Be warned though it is very competitive for this reason.

How Do I Get Paid And Is There A Cost?

When fiverr originally came into existence, sellers were restricted to selling for 5$, however there are now sellers requesting fees of up to 995$ and more on fiverrpro. The typical starting price for a service though tends to be around 8$. Payments are made directly into your PayPal account minus the fiverr commission charge of a whopping 20%. This is quite high but it is still possible to do well.

The advantage of using fiverr is that you can also combine it with other paid work full time or part time commitments. You will be posting your offers subject to your availability. So for example if you have a vacation planned, you are able to pause your offering until your return.

This work at home opportunity resides on the fiverr market place. Before shooting off, I would advise that you take some time out to think about the areas in which you are knowledgeable or in which you are able to create. Think carefully about which hobbies or passions or even work skills that you might be able to monetise.

What Type Of Skills Do I Need?

The broad categories for which there are sellers involve

■◇ Graphics Design

■◇ Digital Marketing

■◇ Writing and Translation *

■◇ Video and Animation

■◇ Programming

■◇ Music and Audio

■◇ Programming and Technology

■◇ Business

■◇ Fun and Lifestyle *

Do note that you do not have to confine yourself to any of these categories, in fact if you offer Work from home opportunitiessomething unique, all the better! If you can provide something for which there is little to no competition, the better your earnings will be. That is provided there is a demand for your offer. There are some fiverr providers earning well above the average annual salary, having chosen a niche they excel at.


Under this category we have logo design, flyers and brochures, illustration, book and album covers, photoshop editting, banner ads, packing and design, invitation design, twitch store facilities.


This category is for people with skills in social media marketing, seo video making(YouTube film making), email marketing, domain research and local listings.


This category favours people with second or multiple language skills. It includes translation of documents, writing resumes and cover letters, writing blog content on a topic defined by your buyer, creative writing e.g. stories for children, Sales Ad copy, providing research and writing reports.


This category predominantly uses the skills of video editing, visual effects, appearing as a spokesperson in a video(very popular, individuals record themselves selling an item in the hopes of attracting marketers who wish to sell an item), product photography( can you take clear beautiful pictures, then edit them to give them an additional wow factor?)


This category generally uses skills of those that have a musical talent with their voice or an instrument. This section covers voice overs( you do not need to be a professional, you simply need a clear or unusual voice! The requirement is buyer dependant), mixing and mastering, singercsong writers, jingles, sound effects, producers and composers.


This category is for WordPress officionados, website builders, web programming, support and IT, Data Analysis and reports, User testing, Mobile App programming, Spreadsheet building, converting files, database work, or chatbox work.


This category is devoted to the following; virtual assistant skills, data entry, market research, writing business plans, legal consulting, financial consulting, providing business tips, giving presentations or writing them, providing career advise, and flyer distribution


This category covers online lessons(in absolutely anything, guitar playing, cooking, anything you can think up), arts and crafts e.g. knitting, sewing, making Eddie’s, relationship advice, health and nutrition and fitness, astrology reading, spiritual healing, family geneology, gaming, greeting cards and greeting videos, collectibles, and finally global culture( most commonly sellers will post offers such as “I will do anything for you in china/india/Taiwan” this can and does work as most buyers are from USA or Canada, therefore having a contact in another region of the world can prove handy for simple things such as taking a picture for example. )

Which categories Have the Most Potential?

For those that believe they have nothing to sell, the two categories that are most useful to browse are the Writing and Translation and Fun and Lifestyle sections. You will be amazed at the services that people are offering. You will also be able to gauge it’s potential in terms of income.

If you are an professional accountant, IT consultant, website builder by trade, then these skills transfer well onto this platform, in fact most professional skills will do well. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to be a manager in your day job or that you need consultancy level skills! You simply need to be competent at the task you are offering(obviously if you are a specialist in your field then all the better, but it is not a necessity. A good rule of thumb is to be plain about the service you are offering, do not over embellish Just to get the work. It will back fire when no one wants to pay you!

Using Fiverr as a work at home opportunity provides you with a no loss scenario, because there are zero costs to start.

On setting yourself up make sure you use great images in your biography as well as a video of yourself or your service. This will attract a larger number of buyers to your offer.

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