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This opportunity boasts that it is in the top 1% of income opportunities online within the UK. ThereWork from home opportunity is good reason for this as you will see..It satisfies my criteria for being a legitimate opportunity for several reasons. The following is my review of the accumulator generator system. This opportunity is for betting enthusiasts only!

Vendor Reputation

As we discuss later the innovator of this product has been in the industry for well over ten years. All of his products relate to the one niche. He is an expert and leader within his field. I have scoured the net for reviews and taken an inside look into his products. He provides a thorough well thought through service on every occasion. His name is Mike cruikshank.

The Cost of the Service

The cost of the service is a one off payment which is reasonable in my view. Given that this product has low to zero risk provided you follow the rules your betting bank will grow the longer you use the service. You should recoup the cost of the service fairly quickly. Examples assume an average of 12£ profit per 50£ bet. This is Using strategy 2, where selective bets can be found everyday.

Can You Make Money?

Yes. In a word.

It is a genuine way of making money from the betting industry.  Before you roll your eyes and dismiss this as a scam the vendors allow you a 1£ trial for 14 days to trial the unique software and methodology behind the system.

It uses a clever way of hedging your bets by “laying” certain bets ie betting that they will lose. Work from home opportunities(Yes you can bet that a team or horse will lose at least in the uk you can. This is why this opportunity is only for residents of the UK and Northern Ireland) whilst simultaneously backing an accumulator. Ie betting that multiple bets will win.

The reason this works is because some bookmakers offer refunds for a losing accumulator. We therefore exploit this offer. Simple math that the software calculates will give us a pay out no matter what the outcome of the bet. Again this takes advantage of offers provided by the bookmaker for accumulator type bets only.

The vendor behind this product is a well known betting genius, that has developed quite a few systems. All of his products have been well acclaimed. And in fact for each new product that he develops it is always well received and looked forward to with great anticipation.

Inside the system, there are videos which will show you which bets to place and where to place them as well as give you an exact profit figure for each bet. The system boasts that you will either make a profit or you will break even. This means that your bank is not at risk! Your bank will grow incrementally depending on the size of your bet.

You will need to open about 5 bookie accounts to operate this system as well as have a betting exchange account. You can have fewer bookie accounts but the more accounts you have, the more bookie offers you will be able to take advantage of.

There are three strategies to choose from.

■☆ Win or break even strategy

■☆ Win a small profit no matter what happens strategy

■☆ Bonus strategy revealed

Even clients who have never placed a bet in their lives will be able to profit using this system as their are basic tutorials for the total newbie too. There is full service customer service for those that need help.

Additional system benefit

If you are nervous about placing bets or have a small income, you can place as small a bet as you like. As you gain in confidence and profits, you can reinvest the profit to increase your bet size. Remember the worst outcome is a break-even outcome due to the fact that every bet is hedged ie a safety net for each outcome is built into the bet.

As this opportunity is not network marketing, there are no recruiting pressures in order to make money. Literally this is just you and your laptop using the software to fish for the best bets each day to place and profit from.

Disadvantages of the system

You will not be able to make a profit unless you open an account with the book maker that is offering the promotion. This means that you may end up having about 10 accounts open. This also implies that your winnings will be spread across multiple book maker accounts. For some this may be a nuisance. You will need a good money management system, perhaps only drawing on profits in order to take advantage of an opportunity elsewhere. Or drawing on profits when you have built sufficient amounts in any single account. This is a personal choice.

The initial learning phase may seem daunting, even time consuming, especially if this is an entirely new way of thinking.

You will need to be good at record keeping so that you do not forget which bets to place and when and for how much. This is best done on a spreadsheet. There is a system alert to help with this.


The £1 14 day trial, indicates the level of confidence the vendors have that you will want to keep this product. Everything is revealed, nothing is hidden provided you pay the £1, the full system is revealed. You then have a full 14 days to make a profit. There are generally bets available each day to take advantage of. Try this genuine work at home opportunity

I have to add the usual disclaimer that no particular income is guaranteed by using this service.

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