Take Part In Research whilst working from home

This is a pet favourite of mine when it comes to legitimate ways to make money whilst working from home. Unfortunately you cannot rely on it as an income but it is nice when it pans out. The method is taking part in research for big name companies including charities. These companies offer anywhere in the region of 40 to 200 for up to 2 hours of your time for sharing your opinions. The typical payment is for around 70£ paid in cash or via bacs straight into your bank account.

Taking part in research discussions is highly competitive because

1) You are well paid for your time.

2) The discussions are generally about everyday things requiring no specialist knowledge

3) Time slots are arranged in the evening for those that have full time jobs.

Occasionally they may want people with specialist experience or skills which pay the higher rates. These make up the minority of research requests though. Compare discussion research rates to the silly survey sites that may pay you £0.5 for your time if you are lucky!

The companies conducting research range from banking to food retailing to cancer charities or mobile phone services, and more. So chances are you will be a perfect fit for many companies. Before being able to take part in any of the discussion groups you will be pre screened. Clients will choose participants based on age, salary, education, experience with their product or service, where you live and sometimes what mobile devices you use.

I have even heard of instances where there have been the occasional opportunity to travel abroad. For example had you met the very stringent criteria of owning a particular type of luxury car and was on the hunt for a new one, there was an opportunity to earn 1000£.

The discussion groups aim to go round a room of about 8 to 12 participants asking each about their view on a set number of questions. Sometimes you might be asked to complete a task with a partner or two, like preparing an ad campaign for example. There will be a skilled interviewer who will make everbody feel at ease. This is not like going for a job so its highly likely you will enjoy the experience.I have personally been to about 4. They have all been friendly and entertaining as you gain insights into the way other people view things.

I will make a list here of the best companies. This is a work in progress so please come back later for additions, including the USA market










If you have not done so, sign up with ALL of these companies to increase your chances of being selected to take part. If you are fortunate you may get paid multiple times throughout the year for not much effort. In fact the only effort required is getting to the focus group on time!

Ordinarily I would not bother to mention this but

Whilst you are here, its the best place to mention a free to join UK cash back website you will earn 5£ just for signing up as a welcome bonus. In total there are about 35quids worth of cash bonuses throughout the year that you can transfer straight to your bank! Every penny helps right?

I promise it is not a silly survey website that takes your time and offers you 50p in return. I will never reccommend those on my website!

If you have had experiences from other companies, please let me know so that i can add them to the list too!








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