What is the best business to start from, complimentary luxury hotel included


The best business to start must always qualify as a legitimate business. This goes without saying. What is the best business to start fromHowever, how many of us have fallen for scams in the past or “opportunities” that were simply a waste of time and money. There are alot of unscrupulous operators that do not care about the legitimacy of the programs they promote. I have talked extensively about what makes a good opportunity elsewhere. I will only briefly mention these criteria here.


The cost of the program should provide value for money and be comparable with other like for like programs where one exists. For example, If you found a health supplement on eBay for 10.99 you would not want to find the same or similar product selling for 60.99. Yes there will be price differentials due to branding but how much weighting are you prepared to give this branding. Ask yourself whether or not the price differential is worth it. High price differentials are seen very often in network marketing companies where the “gap in price” is used to pay distributor income. This is not a great business model!


A stable program that has a good history behind it is not as sexy as being “on the ground floor” of a new opportunity. But in business it pays to be conservative when we make our choices. If we are purchasing a franchise, we want to know that there is solid managerial support. If you have a problem you want to know that there is a process in place for resolving it.

Is there company training in place? If so what is the quality of the training? Can this training be obtained easily for free over the internet or is it well put together material that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Most companies, in particular if you are coming from an internet marketing background, are very much reliant on sponsor training. This is because company training is minimal. This is a shame because then the success of an inexperienced individual joining a new company may depend soley on his sponsor.


This criteria is subjective and relies solely on your own likes and dislikes. If you are passionate about health products, you will be drawn to this type of opportunity. If you are passionate about football you will do well to stick to an opportunity that gives you exposure to this area. It is crucial that you examine your likes and dislikes before diving headlong into a business only to find that actually your heart is not in it. I once ran a subwoofer website and this is exactly what happened. I was doing it for the money only and found that hated it. I therefore dumped that site and am now happier with my chosen niches. Remember a business is for the long haul do you should have an affinity for it even if you do not love it.


I will present one to you that follows the above guidelines for a good and legitimate business. Full disclosure. I myself am involved in this business. Well why promote a business you would not join yourself right. At least it is NOT a network marketing business!


I hope you said that you would not mind because your business will be on the internet in any niche or topic of your choosing.

Your Start up business involves using easy website tools that will enable you to build a simple but professionally produced website. The website that you build will be in a topic of your choosing, this could be pet supplies, pet training or anything really. There are precious few subjects that cannot be monetised to produce a monthly income. Choose a subject that you love and building your website for your business will not feel like work at all! How many people working 9 to 5 can make this boast? My guess is that there are not many.

If you fall into the minority category that adore your 9 to 5. You can think of your website building activity as securing additional income for holiday requirements. Or maybe you are nearing pension age and you would like to supplement your retirement income. Either way this is a worthwhile venture especially given the low cost.



This program will provide you with the exact methodology, the exact marketing activities that the owners of this program have used to provide abundance and  financial freedom for themselves and families. They have been running this program successfully for over 10 years with many now successful business owners. There will be no upsells or other future costs apart from the low monthly cost.


There are 5 modules containing 50 lessons in total. This provides the fundamentals for your business learning and growth. At completion of the lessons moving at your own pace, you will have the keys to run a successful website business.


IF you decide to upgrade with me as a premium member in the future( You can start your membership for free) and take a minimum 6 months membership I will throw in a complimentary 3 nights luxury hotel stay abroad. Flights not included though. For details click on the link below.

The lessons include

■☆ understanding how to  make money online,

■☆choosing a topic/niche to make money with,

■☆building your own niche website for income,

■☆Setting up your website

■☆Getting your website noticed by the search engines for ranking

■☆Creating content for your website

■☆Getting feedback for your website

■☆Creating a keyword rich post to attract the right audience to your website

■☆Making use of images to add interest

■☆Making money with affiliate programs on your website and adding links to your pages

■☆Getting paid for ads on your website

Once you have been a premium member for three months you are then eligible to create training for other members and get paid by wealthy affiliate themselves. A  very nice touch in the program which people do take advantage of.

And there is There is so much more including Live weekly training and a vibrant massive community ready to help you out should you become stuck.

I have outlined the best business to start from  Take advantage of this gem of an opportunity.

True fact, I was introduced to this opportunity more than 10 years ago and now have come full circle having done nothing with it the first time around. Currently I have 3 number one spots on Bing for my chosen niches! I could have been much further ahead by now had I not looked a gift horse in the mouth. There is plenty of time for you to assess the opportunity so be comfortable with any decision you make going forward. At the very least take a look

4 thoughts on “What is the best business to start from, complimentary luxury hotel included

  1. Great post and great info. It’s hard to imagine anyone would read this and not want to jump on the bandwagon right away! Wealthy Affiliate definitely is a gem…it would be foolish for anyone to pass up, especially if they are truly serious about starting their own business.

  2. I really like your approach for this subject, affiliate and online programs get so much bad press because there are so many scams out there and everyone, quite rightly, is cautious of being scammed.

    Being a WA member I can categorically agree that the value for money is simply great, the training, the resources, the community! It took me a couple of days for me to realise it was all genuine too. Folk putting their stories up in the forum showing their achievements and downfalls, all very useful. Oh and importantly IT WORKS!

    Great site and may I commend you on the way in which you have approached the topic!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond, i truly appreciate it, finding legitimate business to start is very tough, am glad you were able to tell it from an insider perspective, may you have m7ch success in your business going forward, follow the training, and I know you will, ann

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